Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha
Auteurs   Doyle, Roddy (Auteur)
Editeur   BCA
Lieu Edition   Paris
Année Edition   1993
Collation   282 p.
ISBN   0-00-000001467-1
Langue Edition   anglais
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JOUARS 1783210083856 LE ANG DOYAdultes / AFP - LANGUES ETRANGERESDisponible à JOUARS
Résumé : It is 1968. Patrick Clarke is ten. He loves George Best, Geronimo and the smell of his hot water bottle. he hates zoos, kissing and the boys from the corporation houses. He can't stand his little brother. He wants to be a missionnary like Father Damien. He coerces the Mccarthy twins and Willy Handcock into playing lepers. He never picks the scabs off his knees before they're ready. Kevin is his best friend. Their names are all over Barrytown, written with sticks in wet cement. They play football, knick-knack, jumping to the bottom the sea. Shoplifting...